Transforming Poor People

Community Transformation and AEM Programs

Community Transformation embraces a comprehensive set of ministry programs that bring the gospel message of hope and acceptance to the people of Kawangware. Jesus modeled this "holistic" approach to meeting the needs of people, especially the poor. In Kawangware, the Huduma School builds a strong foundation of Christian values and drives an education wedge into the seemingly endless cycle of illiteracy and poverty. The Medical Ministry addresses the needs of the 1,200 school children and the Kawangware community through periodic medical clinics. Sewing and Carpentry Ministries empower women and men with job skills to sustain their families and be productive members of society. And the Huduma Church provides the spiritual center of worship and discipleship that grows people in Christ! The African Christian church has been described in the past as "a mile wide and an inch deep," accenting the compelling need to identify, train and develop effective church leaders. Leadership Development is a passion for David Kitonga, born out of his own desire to fulfill The Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) and reach the poor, lost and oppressed (Luke 4:18-19).

2 - Picture Leadership Development takes three primary forms through AEM-I. First, David personally mentors church leaders through one-to-one pastoral councils and meetings. Second, Festivals of Learning (FOL) Seminars for pastors are conducted throughout the year, regularly attracting 100+ local and East African pastors for Bible training and exposure to effective strategies for church growth and planning. Finally, the AEM College provides a certified bible study and leadership curriculum for outstanding pastoral candidates. In the last 7 years AEM has awarded fifty four College graduates their 4 year college diplomas, including some members of the Kawangware Huduma Church.