Praying for AEMI

Help support Africa Equip Ministry through prayer. Here is a list of prayer needs:

  1. Children to remain healthy and eager to learn.
  2. Funds to buy food and supplies for the children.
  3. Funds to support teachers.
  4. Children’s Parents – most are poor, single women. Pray for wisdom and work so they can provide for their families.
  5. David Kitonga, AEM Director: Remains strong/healthy and that God would give him wisdom and faith to lead AEM and Huduma center.
  6. Kawangware Community: Over 300,000 people who live in abject poverty. Pray they will resist alchohol and witchcraft to escape their dispair and that they will come to know Jesus through AEM and Huduma.
  7. Kenya elections: Pray for political and social stability in Kenya (that there will be not violence and unrest).