Huduma (Hope) Center in Kwangware


A slum of 300,000 people in Nairboi, Kenya and is operated by Dr. David and Ann Kitonga. In an effort to provide education and health options to the residents of Kawangware, David and Ann operate a health clinic, an elementary school and a trade school where women can learn skills that will keep them from choosing a life on the street.

Every child deserves the best education. Huduma School stands as a shining lighthouse in the heart of Kwangware. It offers an education for children from Nursery through eighth grade that strives to nurture the academic, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual development of the whole child. The Huduma students are taught to demonstrate their God-given qualities of intelligence, self-worth, honesty, kindness and leadership. That each child has immense value and they have the power and the ability to be world changers.

The students receive a basic meal everyday, perhaps their only meal for the day and a uniform and a pair of shoes every year. They are taught to become responsible citizens, develop the necessary skills to obtain work in their own country, take pride in their homeland and build a positive future for Kenya.

Over the past several years, Huduma School enrollemnt and medical clinic functions had declined significantly due to lack of resources and funding. While there are many worthwhile causes that you and your company can support, we are hoping that you will be able to help us in providing financial support to transform Kwangware in Nairobi. Anything you or your organization can do to help will demonstrate your care to our global community and greatly aid the quality of life for the beleaguered women and children in Kawangware. Thank you for your kind consideration and for making a difference to the people of Kwangware.