Hope for Huduma Benefit - Dinner & Dancing at Guglielmo Winery

Please join us in support of raising funds to provide education, medical services, and job training by Africa Equip Huduma Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

Friday, April 22, 2017
5:30pm - 9:30pm
Guglielmo Winery
1480 E Main Ave, Morgan Hill, CA


The Kawangware slum on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya is a place of deprivation, despair, and disease. God called David Kitonga and his wife Ann in Kenya and gave them a vision to establish a rescue center in the midst of over 500,000 souls perishing in this vast wasteland. They founded Africa Equip Ministry AEM) and developed a community outreach effort utilizing a holistic ministry model. This includes a thriving church, the Huduma Church, a Christian primary school, micro-enterprise (job training schools and workshops) initiatives for destitute men and women, and discipleship programs for youth and adults. AEM also has training programs for young pastors and has established the AEM Bible College to equip and develop African Church Leaders.

Why We Are Here


The people of Kawangware are largely uneducated, unemployed, and underutilized. Many are outcasts from society ... others are involved in crime and blend into the masses in the slum community and prey on the weak. Rampant use of alcohol and drugs is evident creating an underground culture of depravity. Prostitution is common, further debasing women. However, in the last decade, the landscape of Kawangware has been dramatically transformed, as have the lives of thousands of its inhabitants!

The Huduma Church and the Huduma School is a center of daily life-giving programs and activities that give real hope to the Kawangware people. There are over 1,200 children currently enrolled in the school and hundreds of Christians and fed a notorious meal each day. Christ-seekers attend church services regularly. Also, in the last ten years the ministry has trained and developed hundreds of successful businessmen and women whose businesses provide employment in Kawangware. The Huduma college has trained 44 leaders pastoral ministry and each of them has planted a successful church in Kawangware.

Our Daily Challenges


In the Kawangware slum, compelling need always collides with resource limitations! Funding to expand ministry programs is an ongoing and vital priority.

The Huduma school (currently pre-school through grade 8) urgently needs additional funding to expand enrollment and hire new teachers. The new Vanessa School Building will allow Huduma to expand its programs and reduce the current overcrowding in the classrooms. About 60% of the slum population are youth who have never attended school or are drop-outs. These young men and women need education, training and guidance to become self-sufficient.

Many new Christians are also completely without means to support themselves. Expanded micro-enterprise programs are needed to provide marketable skills and "hope" to Kawangware's adults and youth alike.

Yes -- We Need Your Prayers


Pray for the work of The Church that has been started in Kawangware -- and for the thousands of people that have put their faith in Jesus Christ. Pray for resources, both material and spiritual, to educate children and train youth and adults to become productive, Christ-centered members of Kenya's society. Pray for the health of children and the provision of food for the thousands that lack daily nourishment. Pray for the ministry leader David Kitonga, his wife Ann and their team of staff who give their lives daily to help the poor.



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